Our Faith

The Importance of Sunday Mass- taken from “At Home with our Faith”
September 2012

If we make time for church, it must be important. While some parents
struggle to fit in time for Mass amid the myriad of sports and school
activities, others say that their paced schedule reminds them of why it is
so important to go to church.
Many parents talk about the Mass with their children before they go; they
whisper explanations during key parts; they discuss the homily afterwards;
they play their favorite church songs on their iPod.
“I find my children expect that this is just part of our routine,” says
Kristi, mother of two. “Kids see that we make time for sports, going out
to eat, running to Target- but it is just as important to put church in
the mix. In our house it is just that standing commitment, and we work our
other scheduled things around it.” Parents with this view usually report
that their children don’t ask if the family is going to Mass over the
weekend; they ask when the family is going to Mass.