Support Our School

SCRIP Program
The SCRIP program enables families to raise money for their non profit school all year!  You purchase gift cards from the program at face value, and the coordinator orders the cards from the Great Lakes Scrip Center at a reduced price.  The difference is an instant rebate to the school and you for tuition.  For more information and to register, go to .  Enrollment code= 7D3A4E3A3945


The volunteer program exists for the purpose of helping students to receive more directed individual help and for giving members of the community an opportunity to become integral members of St. Peter School. Volunteers serve in such capacities as listening to children read, working in the library and computer lab, making learning materials (under the direction of a teacher), driving students on field trips, helping to supervise noon recess, etc. People interested in volunteering can contact a teacher or the principal.

Boxtops for Education

Clip Box Tops from hundreds of your favorite General Mills products and send them in to your school. Each Box Top is worth 10¢.

Click Here for a List of Participating Products


Aluminum Can Collection
Each month, students can turn in Aluminum cans to earn a casual dress day.  Each class that averages 10 cans per student will be awarded a causal day the following Monday.  All cans are recycled and the funds are used for school activities.