The third apple of our logo represents what makes us different and is symbolic of who we are.

When cut horizontally, the apple has five core seeds:    

First Core Seed: Formators

  • Parents, as primary religious educators
  • Pastors/pastoral leaders, principals, catechetical leaders, teachers, parish staff and entire community are formators

Second Core Seed: The Religion Curriculum

  • Taught from K-12 in a consistent, age-appropriate way in each of our 101 schools; consists of 8 strands:
    - Church- Doctrine
    - Lifestyles- Old Testament
    - Morality- New Testament
    - Sacraments & Prayer- Social Teachings / Justice

Third Core Seed: Community

  • Our schools are communities where students are loved and respected; where Christian behavior is expected, differences are celebrated, and families are welcomed.

Fourth Core Seed: Worship

  • Students attend Mass regularly and begin each day and each class with prayer. We celebrate together our common faith; we welcome those other faiths.

Fifth Core Seed: Service

  • Students are challenged to reach beyond themselves in service and works of justice to the poor, the sick, and the underprivileged.